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Music has the power to evoke our deepest emotions, from laughter to tears, to heal our hearts, and at certain frequencies, to even shatter glass. But could it possess even more profound powers?


In "Does Sound Heal", we embark on an extraordinary journey into the heart of sound and music to uncover their potential to heal the human body and mind.



With the elegance of an orchestra and the knowledge of science, "Does Sound Heal" presents a captivating exploration of how ancient practices and modern science converge to uncover the healing potential of sound. This documentary offers not just answers but a transformative experience, inviting audiences to witness the power of sound in a new light.



At the core of "Does Sound Heal" is a world first project featuring the 14-time award-winning En Coda Orchestra, directed by the visionary Tenille Bentley, Music Director Mark Coughlan and Orchestral Composer Dr Stuart James.



"Does Sound Heal" intertwines personal stories with scientific data. Bentley shares, "The Perth Brain Centre was part of the project to really quantify and measure what was happening to the brainwave activity of our participants as they listened to this experience."

This documentary assembles an unprecedented team of researchers, scientists, professors, sound therapists, composers, and musicians. Together, they explore a question that has fascinated humanity for centuries: Does sound have the power to heal? Through their research and insightful interviews, we delve into the intricate dance between science and art on the effect of sound on the mind.


Daniel Lane from the Perth Brain Centre reveals the scientific ambition behind the project: "We're starting to understand how sound and music affect the brain. If we can learn how certain sounds and music influence people's brains, we could gather information that might help others. That would be a wonderful achievement."

“The key is whether having listened to music over a longer term, can have some residual benefit for psychological state, and that’s something which we’re not sure of yet, but hopefully we’ll find out.”

- Dr Jon Prince


“Our people have known that for thousands of years, we’ve known that, vibrations, songs, energy’s are part of healing.”  - Dr Richard Walley Nyungar Elder

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