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The En Coda Film Wins Again - Munich Music Video Awards

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

We thought winning four awards with the international sound awards in Prague was great news. But the news just keeps getting better.

We have just been notified that we have won in two categories at the Munich Music Video Awards.

The En Coda Film has won in the following categories:

  • Best Live Performance

  • Best Sound Production

This is also recognised at the IMDb level so you will find our film formally registered there as an international award-winning film.

Congratulations to our incredible sound production category winners; Tim Halligan, Joe Branco,and SideB Films Dom Giorgi. You are world class standards!

And congratulations to the live performance category winners;

Creative Director and Founder Tenille Bentley, Julian Silburn, January Kultura, The En Coda Symphony Orchestra, all led by our conductor and music director Mark Coughlan.

And we must acknowledge the talented orchestral composition by Dr Stuart James and Cliff Blackburn from Soundfield Studios.

None of this would have been possible without any of these talented, down to earth and incredibly professional team.

And for the supporters who have helped make this film.... You are the reason this is even possible. With heartfelt thanks we give love to you.

As a Symphony, we are now seeking support so that we can tour the performance from this award-winning film around Australia. So if you know anyone who would like to partner with us to bring this special experience to a location near you please reach out.

For now ...why not indulge in our international award-winning film En Coda.

You can view this on SBS or rent a copy of it here (outside of Australia).

We have more film festivals to go, so keep watching this space we may very well have another announcement soon.

With Gratitude

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