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En Coda Film: Winner of Four Categories in Prague's International Film Festival Sound Awards

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

It’s official The En Coda Film has won in 4 categories at the International Sound Awards Film Festival in Prague. The categories we won were;

  • Best Australian Music Video

  • Best Male Director

  • Best Editing

  • Best Classic Music Video

The many years of hard work are finally starting to flourish and the vision I originally had of En Coda Symphony Orchestra 432 Hz is finally coming into its own and going far beyond any place that my imagination could hold.

For me, this work is not necessarily about the recognition, but rather the exposure of this unique therapeutic experience that we have created over time and now captured onto film in an equallly unique style.

That process in itself was huge, I always pinch myself with the incredible, down-to-earth, highly talented team that brought this all together.

One of the things I always told myself from the lessons I learnt in building my last business, was that I wanted to be very intentional about the people I surround myself with. My biggest lesson was it's not what you do, but who you do it with. Your people are what make the project a success.

I wanted to have my team feel like an extended family, with kindness, mutual respect, no ego and a love and passion equivalent to mine for this kind of experience. They also had to be the best in their field, the top professionals. And with that intention the universe delivered.

I am so grateful every day for the people that arrived into this project to bring it to life.

A big thank you to Dom from SideB films, his exquisite artistry and cinematography, director and editing skills, is what really brought this vision to the screen. He extended himself well beyond the project budget, and put in tireless hours to create the artistry that you see in the film.

And this film wouldn't be what it is without the professionalism and artistry of Joe Branco and Tim Halligan equally as talented, passionate and committed to mastering the many layers of sound production and audio, which is ultimately what makes this experience feel like you are sitting in the front row.

All of this wouldn't be possible without the talent of our Music Director - Mark Coughlan and Orchestral Composer - Stuart James and in the early stages the production from Soundfield Studios with Cliff Blackburn.

Then there is our talented didjuridu artist - Julian Silburn and percussionist and vocalist - January Kultura. I am so grateful for the incredible neuroscience team Daniel Lane from The Perth Brain Centre that brought that twist of science to the project, which is now developing into something we hope will be more robust in studying the efficacy of this type of experience and the therapeutic and physiological impact on the human body.

And the talented En Coda Symphony Orchestra. I knew it would always be a challenge to ask a string orchestra to tune down to 432 Hz. Why? This is because they are normally tuned to around 440 Hz or 444 Hz, so when we ask them to tune down to 432 Hz their instruments naturally want to move back to the standard tuning. Which means, there is always a risk of the instrument going out of tune during the performance. So the skill to keep this in 432 Hz whilst playing is certainly no easy task.

There was always going to be a little bit of 'envelope' pushing to ask our string players to do this for us, it required musicians who were open to creativity, open to change and willing to explore this adventure with us into the unknown.

Then of course the incredible behind-the-scenes team and our En Coda family... a huge thank you for your hard work and passion for this project. And our wonderful supporters who wish to remain anonymous - thank you so much for breathing this project to life, without you it wouldn't have happened.

If you haven’t checked out this film yet make sure you do - it really is worth it!

CLICK HERE to watch the film, you can rent or buy it.

As a side note - The En Coda Film is not to be confused with the 'yet to be released' documentary Does Sound Heal.

So a lot more exciting announcements to come.

If you would like to support the feature documentary that is yet to be released - we are looking for partners to help us finish the project. Click Here To Contact Us

This is the beginning of what I feel will be a great journey.



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