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From the 14 time International Award Winning Film En Coda now showing on national TV around Australia, the artists from En Coda are now touring as a 5 piece ensemble, featuring at corporate and business events, festivals, gala openings and wellness events. 


Described as a deep listening experience with this 5 piece ensemble, you will be guided through an immersive musical and sensory experience with over 30 different instruments leading the listener through a unique, culturally significant and extraordinary whole-of-body therapeutic experience.


Experience ethnological sounds that will galvanise the spirit and sweep you away into another world. Perfect for the organisation looking for something really unique for their next event or to create something with cultural significance. We represent both indigenous cultures from Australia and New Zealand.


The 'En Coda Ensemble'  is a 5 piece group of talented multi-instrumentalists, featuring 4 of the artists from the internationally recognised En Coda Symphony Orchestra.


  • Tenille Bentley on shruti box, native drone flute, bowls,rocks, gong and lead vocals

  • Julian Silburn on the crystal didjeridu, gong, handpan, stick, rainsticks and vocals

  • January Kultura on guitar, gourd drum, bowls, hoop drum, shakers and vocals

  • Camille Lalanne on lead cello 432 Hz and 440 Hz

  • Emani Lea on Janggu drum, oud drum, hoop drum, jaw harp, overtone flute, wind skull, Mbria and vocals

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The Power Of Sound Event At West Australian Museum with Modern People Global.

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