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Ear Science Institute Australia (Ear Science) was established in 2001 as an independent not-for-profit Medical Research Institute, dedicated to improving the lives of people with ear and hearing disorders, through patient driven research, education and treatment.


With 1 in 6 Australians suffering from hearing loss, Ear Science’s multi-disciplinary team works to improve the lives of those with hearing impairment and reconnect them with their world.


The Gift of Hearing Appeal (Ear Science’s charitable arm) and it’s ripple effect has been bestowed upon many grateful people. This wouldn’t be possible without the generosity and commitment of the many wonderful donors that support the cause - and the work of the talented staff members, clinicians and scientists.


The Appeal raises much needed funds for treatments, community initiatives and clinician driven, world-class ear and hearing research, bringing new treatments and edging us closer to discovering a cure.


The support of Gift of Hearing Appeal supporters has facilitated countless endeavours, improving lives locally and globally;


  • They gift life-changing hearing devices and implants to countless deserving recipients in the community, helping to unlock a world of hearing that was previously unattainable.


  • They are developing the world-first ClearDrum® device, an implantable silk membrane that repairs damaged eardrums. When clinical trials are complete, ClearDrum® will change thousands of lives around the globe for people living with eardrum perforations.


  • They have been one of the first groups in the world to grow an inner ear organoid, a cochlear, in their lab, which could revolutionise treatments for currently incurable conditions such as Usher syndrome.


  • They are developing new diagnostic tests for early detection of dementia, and discovering ways to reduce the risk of dementia later in life.


  • They visit remote Indigenous communities in the Pilbara and provide much-needed ear and hearing care for children and adults.


  • They also recondition donated hearing aids for Western Australians in need and for children in countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines

All of this is made possible through the generous donations of those in our community that believe in the world of Ear Science and believe in a future without hearing loss.


Ear Science Institute Australia respects the choice of all people as to how they prefer to communicate.


A portion of every ticket sold goes directly to this wonderful organisation.


If you would like to donate further please click below.

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